Tour Features

We have spent over eight years researching and brainstorming what makes a virtual tour (and just about every other marketing idea) effective for the Real Estate industry. The current tour designs and features are a culmination of our efforts and knowledge. We had to ask ourselves what needs to be on a tour and more specifically what DOESN'T need to be there. The features listed below will provide the user (and potential buyer) a pleasant viewing experience and allow them to make an informed decision regarding their future home purchase.

  • Realtor Business Card

    Realtor Business Card

    This card holds all of the pertinent Realtor contact info including a new section for their social media presence. The list includes: Name, company, contact numbers, email, website, Facebook page, Twitter page, and Youtube Page.

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  • Mortgage Calculator

    Mortgage Calculator

    The mortgage calculator is provided by a third party service [] and provides up to date information that will help assist your client in your mortgage questions.

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  • Enlarged Slideshow

    Enlarged Slideshow

    This beautifully engineered slideshow displays your stellar photography in a manner that is visually appealing to your clients. You really get a sense of the property by the up close and personal attention that these pictures receive.

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  • Printable Flyer

    Printable Flyer

    This printable flyer design was provided by Full Moon Design Group and is a clean (and ink saving) way of creating a printed record of the property. Some of the Realtors print and use this as their print material to include in their leave behinds and sign boxes.

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  • Info Section

    Info Section

    This box lists all of the pertinent info that clients need to determine what advantages the property has to offer them.

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  • Interactive Google Map

    Interactive Google Map

    Google Maps are the best. We love them. They do a great job getting you where you need to go and they keep getting better. Enough Said.

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  • Satellite Map View

    Satellite Map View

    This feature from Google is so impressive that we thought we would include this on current templates. The client gets an immediate sense of the environment and neighborhood from these satellite views.

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  • Navigation


    This section shows the property address and gives you a list of options to navigate to different features for the tour.

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  • Slideshow W/ Floorplan

    Slideshow W/ Floorplan

    Navigate over the floorplan and click on the areas you want to see. You are in complete control. If you want to sit back and relax, start the slideshow and let it work for you. Easy to operate and fun to play with, this property will get your clients excited about this feature.

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  • Verbiage


    This section provides a text description of the property listed and can be tailored to anything you want. Sleek font and scrollable navigation allows for an easy reading experience.

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