Membership Info


Floorplan Host was designed to give photographers (or anyone else that has an interest in producing virtual tours) a robust solution to produce, manage, and sell their content to the Real Estate community.

All of our members have successful businesses using Floorplan Host and we have all achieved that because we belong to a community that supports continued growth and knowledge. If you decide to join our group, know that you are joining a collaborative effort to help you succeed. It isn't just you against the world. Running a small business is hard enough as is... the Floorplan Host system will make most of your work easier to manage.


Our initial membership fee is $500 and that includes system set-up and training. We are here as a resource to help you get started. Many of the members have been producing virtual tours since 2001 and can answer questions on the best ways to help you save time and effort for just about any issue you might face starting a new business.

After you get set up and start producing tours, the price for tour creation and hosting is $20 /tour. (+tax) We also offer posting to our members for $22 /tour. That's it.. No hidden fees...No raising fees or silly deals... Use the system and make money.


If the whole concept of interactive floorplans sounds too daunting and you want a simpler solution, Let us know... We have some members that produce virtual tours without the floorplans and some that just offer photos without the panoramics. Floorplan Host can do anything you want (within reason of course) to help build you a system that will do what you need so you can make money.

Visit the "contact us" page and send us an email. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and get you started.

If you are successful then we are successful. We will do whatever we can to help you.